Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Stage 1 Kit compatible with 2014 models

In short, YES. The 2014 edition addressed issues with the chassis, overheating and suspension, but not the engine. 

Does the stage 1 kit require upgrading the brakes

We have found the factory fitted brakes to be adequate.  However, with the engine producing more power and revving more freely, you may well find yourself driving faster than you used to.  Be alert to signs such as brake fade.

Do we fit the Stage 1 Kits?

Garage 56 kits are available direct from Williams Automobiles, who can fit them to your car.  Of course, they are available directly from us, for you arrange fitment yourself: the job of fitment can be done by any reasonably competent “home mechanic”.
If ordering from our website, there is the option of a delivery address different to your billing address, useful if you want to have the Stage 1 kit delivered directly to a garage or workshop. Fitting Instructions


You will need to use your existing hexagonal base AV (anti-vibration) mounts.  If your car is fitted with the old specification round section AV mounts, we recommend you acquire a set of the later specification AV’s from your Morgan parts supplier.